Saturday, March 14, 2009

The poisoned dart spills
Virgin blood
Trembling and weak
She lies in my arms
Hungrily I drink
Wine-stained lips
And she whispers
And sighs
And sings
Calling me like a Siren
Luring me
Seducing me
To ravish me
To destroy me

Friday, April 04, 2008

A burst of red...
And darkness casts a shadow upon my eyes
The fire in my chest
Burning, aching
The cut digs deeper
As you thrust and tear
Into this flesh and soul
My heart beats
Throbs, pulses
Then slows to a weak tremor
Held in your hands
Cast to the dirt
Staining the Earth
A weak murmur of what I once was
A gasp lost in a breath
At this life you stole...

Sunday, November 04, 2007


You opened my heart
And read me like pages of a book
Your own private fairytale
Your eyes saw a dreamland, a fantasy
A world of color and light
A place of mystery
You turned the pages
Reading deeper
Until you saw the monster of every fairytale
My heart, my love, my soul
And fear took hold of you, possessed you
Closing the book, tossing it aside
Leaving chapters unread
A story unfinished
The eternal mystery
How did it end...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The sun sets slowly
Bringing on the shadows of Night
Cool air and crisp breeze
The musky scent of the Earth
You and I kiss
Lovingly, passionately
We come together, embrace
Skin to skin, flesh to flesh
Our bodies melt together
Unleashing unrestrained gasps and moans
With hearts pounding as drums
The rhythm of our sensual dance seizes us
Ecstasy consumes us, ignites a fire within us
And we dance until
Euphoria overcomes us

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Your neck, delicate and fair,
lay open and exposed,
awaiting and inviting.
I brush your neck with
the softness of my lips
the warmth of my tongue
adorning you with gentle kisses.
I drink from the hollow of your throat,
so fragile, yet so nourishing.
My kisses descend down,
descend further,
linger yet again,
to ascend,
to make love to you.
My body rises over you
like a soft wave.
With a rhythmic ebb and flow,
our bodies move together in
a mystic, magical dance of
an unstoppable force,
the clash of wave upon wave.
We hold on to each other
and make love
until we are submerged and subdued
and engulfed beneath the force of the waves.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tender Night

Tender Night walks the Earth with a gentle step
As lovers toil and exert in their beds
Bodies writhing
Hips locked, pushing hard against each other
Skin moist with sweat
A passionate fragrance fills the air
And a charged rustling, rolling like thunder,
Shakes beneath the sheets
Bodies rise and fall heavily
Minds lay clouded by sensual drunkenness
You and I roll over and sleep
Exhausted by Eros' merciless game

The Dance

We move to a sensual beat and rhythm
And dance this erotic dance of love
One hand clenched
Arms wrapped in a tight embrace
With hips pressed tightly to each other
Curve molding to curve
Two bodies moving together and becoming one
We Dance--
Leading, Following
Pushing, Pulling
The blood burns like fire in our veins
Igniting the flames in our hearts and souls
As we move in blinding ecstasy
To the deafening beat and rhythm
Of this magical dance

Monday, October 01, 2007

Eros Smiles

Eros smiles
Delighting in his winning shot
Gold tipped arrow straight to my heart
Loosening my limbs
Destroying my mind
Sweet poison filling me with desire
Fueled by carnal fire
Insatiable hunger
Wasting away under cruel torture
Consumed by passion
Longing for you, yearning for you
Needing you
Wanting to make love to you

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Holy Grail

In my dream I had a vision of you--
You descended from above--
    Cloaked in a radiant glow
I felt your power as you came to me--
    Warming me
    Soothing me
    Caressing me
I saw all that you had to offer--
    Eternal Life
    Eternal Hope
    Eternal Love
I extended my hands to you--
    Needing you
    Desiring you
    Wanting to possess you
As quickly as you appeared, you vanished--
    Teasing me
    Seducing me
    Not wanting to be possessed so easily
I set out on my quest--
    Day and night I ride
    Searching for you
    Praying for you
Where are you, my Holy Grail--
    Let me be worthy of you
    Let me possess you
    Let me drink from you

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cursed Words

Childish god
Impish devil
Stringing your bow with your silken thread
Steadying two golden arrows
Thrust through my heart
Tormenting God
As the tears well in my eyes
The yearning, the passion, the love
The fear...
All silenced within
Strangling my voice
Cursed words
"I love you"
Hate me, Love me
Feel whatever you will
I say,
I love you...

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Tortured and tormented
Blinded and silenced
Overcome by these dark clouds and shades
These Erinyes...these Furies
Born from blood
Surrounding me
Hounding me
Retribution, Revenge, Vengeance
Iron claws tearing at my flesh
Clenched around my neck
Dragging me to such depths
Past the river Styx
Past Acheron and Charon with his rotten boat and old coins
Deep into dark-walled Hades
Robbing me of my mind
Robbing me of my soul...

--work in progress with a mythological twist...